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What Is a Computer ?

Computer is a device composed of hardware and software. Computer is an electronic device that used to manipulate information or data. Computer has ability to store and process data. The computer can solve more than one kind of problem and it's used to help human work such us typing documents, sending email, surfing the internet, managing or handling spreadsheets, database, presentations, games, etc.

Choosing Online Education

Here Some tips to decide online education :
Explore Accredited Programs
There are many online education offering courses, but not all programs have accredited. besides quality education think about degrees reputable accreditation because it’s influence your future.

Choosing the Online Route
The benefits of online degree program are: cheaper than in class courses, can take classes day or night, and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Your Online Education Goals
Before starting the online program you should define why you want to earn a degree online. Define reasons, ex: you have limited time, cost-friendly courses,  career advancement.

Explore The Instructors
Online programs can save a lot of money but the investment may go to waste if they have poor instructors. you should try to find out the quality of educators in the programs.

How about Tuition
Find out how tuition is handled before starting a program it is charged by hour or year etc.

Find The Scholarships
There are financial resources available to help fund an online degree. It’s help you to continue your study.

The Technology That Used
Today the technology can use to support the study you must using technology to support the courses. For example if you have limited access to computers will have problems completing assignments, course.

Tools You'll Need
Besides a computer and Internet connection you might need other tools. online students should prepare additional resources, such as a printer etc.

Information System

Information system is the study of organizing data (create, collecting, process, and distribute data). Information system, an integrated of components for collecting, storing, and processing data for delivering information, knowledge. The study about business and computer science using information and computation foundation. Information system helps people to create, collect, process and distribute data using computer science include studying hardware, software and network.

Information System supports operations, management and decision making. It’s also used by people to interact with this technology in support of business processes. Information systems help to control the business processes. Information system is one of work system. A work system is a system in which humans,  machines do work using resources to process or produce a specific product or services. An information system supports processing information (capturing, storing, manipulating, displaying). Information systems with data systems monitor  the all activity systems includes communication system data process that stored on to use when needed.

Information System manages the operations, interacting with customers and suppliers, such us using information systems to reach potential customers over the Web and manage their human resources. For governments, they use information systems to provide effective services to citizens.

Ubuntu For Education

Although Ubuntu is free and no license, Ubuntu is perfect for schools or universities everywhere. Ubuntu is more than free, for education Ubuntu is secure, effective and reliable to use. Ubuntu supported the education sector. Ubuntu Desktop is easy to use in schools or at home. Ubuntu provide learning applications for school and tools to help teachers manage these systems. Teachers and students are free to install the same software on any computer. Ubuntu provide solution for learning. Ubuntu user will has more benefit such us; Software are available for free, updates and upgrades are available, software applications are available to install on market.Ubuntu has feature includes :
  • Educational software for learning and skill-building activities for children such us software for maths, painting and typing.
  • Applications for parents and educators to provide a safe learning environment.
Teachers and students are now easy to use technology environment and it’s free. Ubuntu supported well many languages, then students can navigate the operating system quickly and easily. Ubuntu supported educational programmes that student need like word processing etc. all of Ubuntu benefits are for supporting the education in school or universities.

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